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Date Created September 20th, 2012
Main Character(s) Zerum
Supporting Character(s) Discord, Derpy, Any askers.
Connected With Ask Master of Zerum
Ask Zerum Whooves is a story-driven ask-blog meaning that while questions are answered in mostly every update, it has an overlying story which is followed throughout the entire blog, instead of simply answering questions, or only having short plot lines. However, due to the nature of the character, most posts involve answering questions.

Content warningEdit

Ask Zerum Whooves is a more NSFW spin-off of Ask Discord Whooves, with no censorship outside of the average omitting of genitalia when it's not relevant. There is also a lot more gore than Discord Whooves and is overall a lot less safe for work.

However, there is a SFW mode, to only get the safe posts. The button is located in blue at the top of any page above the banner.

Additionally this article contains recent information that could be considered spoilers.




The story takes place inside of a void chamber that only Discord can go in and out of unless he allows others to do so. The story is split off of Discord Whooves just as The Doctor sees the truth. Instead of simply accepting the truth, the doctor tries to run off and shrug it off as though it were nothing, forcing Discord to use his mind control. At some point, Discord decides to make The Doctor his personal slave, removing his identity, and replacing it and his name with "Zerum" which is Latin for "Zero". Various layers of brainwashing have been placed upon him, and he even reefers to askers as his "masters" and has developed a dependency on them. However, when questioned on which he would rather have if he had to chose, the askers or discord, he would chose Discord, and called his askers expendable [1]

Other CharactersEdit

While not many other characters have yet appeared, here's a list of those who have:




While initially controlled by jitterbugjive, he let someone who goes by FraserCartoons controls him after several really good asks in the role of discord, and now has a separate blog, Ask Master of Zerum Zerum says the reason discord chose him to be his personal slave is because they are both nothing.




Derpy made a brief appearance in the back-story following the "finding of the truth", when Zerum was still freshly enslaved and not yet fully brainwashed. Discord allowed her into the void chamber, however little did Zerum know, she could not hear everything he was saying, as Discord was removing certain words from their original context in order to get Derpy to give up on Zerum, and thus him to give up on being rescued. They then meet up later when Derpy returns to save him again. but when she came to him and ask him to be the hero he once was, she called him pathetic and useless and nothing but a liar. He then lost control and attacked her, not knowing that Discord was controlling him into attacking her. Derpy ended up dead as a result.

Perry Doctor
So Cutely Embarrassed

Perry in the Void


Though normally only able to enter the dreams of other ponies, Perry found his way into the Void when he attempted to enter the dream of his former self, Discord Whooves. Zerum was initially scared and hostile towards Perry. He has shown a genuine concern for Zerum, and has begun making more frequent visits whenever he is able. He's stopped wearing his signature red jacket in an attempt to make Zerum feel more at ease with him around.


This blog is related to Jitterbugjive's personal life, and showcases his knowledge on psychology, with either physiological or personal life story notes accompanying most posts.

Discord branded Zerum's cutie mark with an "Apple of Discord."

This a parallel universe to Discord Whooves where The Doctor resisted the Truth instead of running.


The truth behind Zerum in regards to Discord Whooves has not been revealed yet. However, there are many theories.


As the title says, alternative universe of Discord Whooves.


Mental refers to Zerum is what is occurring in the Doctor's head during Discord Whooves. For example when the timelines 'match up' : the poison joke in Zerum to the arc in Discord Whooves where he becomes female and from when the baby 'pops' to when the doctor yells at the Master that he has no children. Also the light that weakens Discord and Zerum can the the time when Discorded Whooves turns back to brown (his normal self) and because of this the two are fighting against this Light. Jitters has made these connections in his posts on the mod, leading to this conclusion, but the truth is unclear.

Zerum and the ValeyardEdit

Zerum isn't the Valeyard per se, but perhaps he is the only thing holding him back from existing. This could be referenced with Zerum's dream of bein pregnant, and the being inside him screaming "Let me out, I want to live, I want to live, I WANT TO LIVE!". Whether this has any implications with [REDACTED] has yet to be seen.