"Yo, Ask me shit. I go by Winter"
Wintermist tumblr
Owner Alan (
Blog type Ask/Draw Blog
Status Active
Date Created 23rd of May 2012
Main Character(s) Wintermist

"Wait... What? I, um.. :< *spits out* *wimpers*" - Wintermist response to smoking ruining her beauty.

Wintermist is an drawn-OC blog run by Winterlotus that was created on 23rd May 2012. Wintermist or Winter as she goes by is an matured Mare who lives in Manehattan. Her Special Talent is Fire Magic and her Cutie Mark is a green lighter.


She was raised by her Parents in Canterlot. Her dad was abusive who hit her and her mother. Her Mother was the one who taught her Fire Magic everytime her dad went to work as an Canterlot Royal Guard. She learnt to fight by observation and peeked some experience when her dad trained. When her father died she moved to Manehattan. She sends her mother money from her job, which is currently unknown.


She is tall. Her Coat is white, her mane is black with some green extensions, the same as her tail. Her eyes have a dark green color.


She appears to be mellow, she is also quite shy but relaxed. She is easily emabarressed when she recieves compliments about her looks.

About the ModEdit

His Name is Alan, he is 16 years old, and currently living in Sydney, Australia. He is spending his time with mixed martial arts, drawing and music. He created his OC blog to show a little "contrast" mixing weed and ponies, seemed familiar in the Fandom. A show that was originally intended for small girls and the fans so called "Bronies" put it into a direction which it hasn't much to do with the original. His character is meant to be a Methaphor to reflect that, also to develop an OC Pony and keeping on to improving his art.

Blog GalleryEdit

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