Pony in the Lighthouse
Windsong from "Pony in the Lighthouse"

Blog Type

Ask; occasional story



Date Created

May 2012



Windsong is a pegasus pony and main character of the Tumblr Ask Blog "Pony in the Lighthouse"

She lives in a vaguely nordic region of Equestria and keeps watch at the Whinny Point lighthouse. It is very cold most of the time, though as the blog was started in the summer we have yet to see it snow. It could be inferred that Windsong's region is an amalgamation of Norway, Iceland, Scotland, and Sweden, as evidenced by her clothing, the weather and geography of Whinny Point, and her penchant for tea. Possible future updates may further explain other inhabitants of the area.

Windsong was previously known as Windstar, though the name was combined with another now-defunct OC, Oceansong, to create a composite identity used on the forums.

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