Whooves Stuck is a slowly updating webcomic, much along the lines of the comic it pays homage to, "Homestuck." Unlike homestuck, it is about ponies, a fact many people would argue, is severely important.

The plot follows, so far, the misadventures of a group of friends in their attempts to congregate together and have some sort of something. Indeed that something must be very important, for it has taken a long time for them to even think about doing that something. Theres also something involving Winona and barking. Whatever that may be, it is unimportant because Winona is a big smelly stupid dog.

Whooves Stuck
Whooves Stuck tumblr
Blog type Stucky
Status Indefinite-Hiatus (because the artist is a lazy piece of crap)
Main Character(s) Time "Pearsmell" Turner
Supporting Character(s) Ditzy "Retard" Doo, Soarin "Buttface" Sparkwing, Lyra "HandsFet" Heartstrings

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