McRonalds Tumblr page

An early panel featuring Griddle Grease, Geraldo and Applejack (from the ask-gamer-ponies blog)

'Welcome to McRonalds' is a Tumblr ask pony blog centered around the exploits of the ponyville 'McRonalds' fast food restaurant and it's employees

Their are three current employees at the branch;

Griddle Grease; A young colt with a spiky mane, he is mainly seen serving customers, he is quick to exaggerate

Geraldo; A Mexican background pony

Tsuki; An Alicorn from the Ask-Angels-Light blog who came looking for a job and was hired straight away, she is yet to appear in any comics outside her initial introduction

To combat the large influx of questions, smaller 'orders' are fufilled using a template; if a pony asks a question which includes a happy meal, their order appears in a panel and a randomly chosen Tumblr pony is given to them in the form of a blind bag recoler with a TF2 item find screen, thus giving two pony shoutouts at once.


A complete order from McRonalds


Raindrops represented by a blind bag toy

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