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December, 2011

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Supporting Character(s)

Blank Meridian, Little Maelstrom, Lock Star, the book, Tell-Tale, the censorship pony

The original character Wayward is currently the protagonist in a comic series on Tumblr where he answers readers' questions. His primary companion is a book speculated to be the Necronomicon, though never stated so.

Cutie MarkEdit

Wayward's cutie mark is a cracked light bulb. It signifies that some of his ideas are flawed, prone to failure or half-baked. His seat-of-the-pants and impulsive behaviour often leads to running off half-cocked. Improvising has become an integral part of just about everything he does.


Not Specified/Unknown


Not Specified/Unknown

Art StyleEdit

The artist has not chosen a definite style with which to present the comics and it appears to be random. It is stated that much of the art is done while at work and away from a computer explaining why most is in traditional mediums.


The artist has made comments on current American politics including a rejection of Sopa/Fifa and anti-abortion bills.

Interblog LinksEdit

  • A several-post discussion with Lace Secret
  • occasional interactions and fan art between Ask Wayward and A Goddamn Everfree Rat
  • Minor interaction with Storm Vision

Other OC Ponies Without BlogsEdit

  • Blank Meridian
  • Little Maelstrom
  • Lock Star

Background OC Ponies by the ArtistEdit

  • Tell-Tale, narration pony
  • the censorship pony

Prominent Referrences for the ComicEdit

  • H.P. Lovecraft and other writers of the Cthulhu Mythos (literature)
  • Calvin and Hobbes by Bill Watterson (comic)
  • Earth Defense Force (video game)


  • When Sopa was up for a vote the blog featured an unnamed censor pony. It has gotten the name Ebony Stripe on message boards, but the creator is not known to have endorsed that name.
  • Wayward is infatuated with Princess Luna
  • A humanized version of Wayward appears in the Moderator's blog and a female version of the humanized form is next to the female pony version in a comic involving gender swapping.

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