An example of a WTF Pony Fanfiction entry.

Fanfiction is a mixed blessing to all fandoms. Sometimes - when it's done right - fanfiction can amuse and entertain, inspire new thought and discussion, or cause powerful emotional responses. In the truly great cases, it can construct of a living, breathing world you never get to see on TV, potentially giving the original material far greater depth and meaning.

Then there's this stuff.

WTF Pony Fanfiction is a tumblr that highlights the strangest, silliest quotes from My Little Pony fanfiction. Each entry simply includes the quote, centered on the page in a random color. Naturally, this frequently goes into the not-safe-for-work, and quite possibly not-safe-for-sentient-beings. Expect some or all of the following in any given quote:

  • Canon broken to the point of being unrecognisable
  • Crossovers with characters that make no sense at all
  • Humans, especially self-insert bronies
  • Gore and squick without any warning
  • Incest, masturbation, sadism, rape and graphic births
  • Poor grammar

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