Vanity (Kamande) Answers
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Vanity (Kamande) Answers tumblr
Owner dizzydoo
Blog type Art and Audio Question Blog
Status Alive
Date Created August 2012
Main Character(s) Vanity (Kamande)
Supporting Character(s) Elements of Discord, Clemintine and, Fellow Followers

Vanity, or Kamande, is an assassin-mage pegasus. She is the parallel version of Rarity in Estrosia. Vanity is the Element of Greed in the Elements of Discord.

Vanity lives in one of the largest chamber of Queen Celete's Castle in Estrosia's main capital, Canterlot. This mare specializes in magic more than assassination regardless that she's a pegasi (Earth Ponies and Pegasi all have magic as well in Estrosia). She did grow up in an assassin-gypsy clan as a foal but, she ran away for a better life and wants to forget about this past. Vanity's very greedy given her element; she is dangerous because she is a trained killer. She nows various types of like mind control, illusions, basic fdefense/offense spells, and even dark magic. This magestic mare is also very good at persuading because of her ability at negotiation, her beautiful looks and, her soft voice. This pony will anything to get what she wants, even if it means to kill. Vanity will only kill if it comes to desperate measures though.

Her hobbies include:

  • talking with others
  • counting her gems
  • her looks
  • having everypony under her control

When you meet her, she will usually be open and kind but, this is only a tactic of getting you to trust her. Vanity, upon meeting a new pony, she will usually analyze him/her and try and get them to trust her just so it's easier to get what she wants from them. However, she will jump or get thrown off guard when one mentions about her family or anything that occured in her past. 

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