Tumblr.Kart Double Dash
Tumblr.Kart Double Dash tumblr
Owner Kev Darkhood
Date Created 16 June 2012

Tumblr.Kart Double Dash is a currently decentralised Tumblr event in which two blogs must come together to form a go-kart racing duo, à la Mario Kart Double Dash. Drawing the characters (and their vehicle) is essential; it is also strongly recommended to list the duo's stats.


A full set of racing stats consists of the following:

  • Character 1's "special", plus the positions in which it can be used. (Remember that this ranges between 1st and 8th place, and that the closer to last place you are, the more powerful the move can be)
  • Character 2's "special", plus the positions in which it can be used. (As above)
  • Vehicle name
  • Vehicle stats, with 10 or fewer stars split between:
    • Speed (The fastest the kart can go on its own)
    • Acceleration (Reaches the top speed sooner)
    • Weight (Better impact on other karts)
    • To prevent overpowered racers, if any of these are given a full 5 stars, one other must be given 1 star, and the other at most 3.

Example from Kev Darkhood, event founder:

  • Kev: Kev gets a SMAW rocket launcher which has 4 shots that can knock off a teams passenger and leave them dragging along behind their kart. It can only fire directly forward or directly backwards and cannot be guided. (Can be received at all places 1st-8th)
  • Scarlet: She gets a special pocket watch that can slow down time for all of the other racers whilst leaving herself at normal speed. (Can only be received at places 7th and 8th)
  • The Battle Jeep
    • Speed ***
    • Acceleration ***
    • Weight **

No blog is currently collecting these posts, but do reblog your partner's contributions.

And let's be honest here, we're all expecting this to end up becoming a full-on race through all of Tumblrpon. So, ah, look both ways when you cross, okay?

Current RacersEdit

Racer 1 Racer 2 Kart (with Link)

Stats (Speed/Acc/Weight)

Kev Scarlet Battle Jeep ***/***/**
Firenze Storm Fuselight Iron Inferno ****/****/**
Hawkesho Ace SoundBreaker II Unspecified
Zerodragon Pixel Wing Hover Kart 990 *****/*/**

Add new rows to this table by right clicking in edit mode, and using Row > Insert Row After.

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