Troll Raipony in action

Troll Raipony
is a bit of a mystery. After this post by Raikissu, somepony set up the Troll Raipony blog (with mod blog following soon after) featuring this obvious clone of Rai's ponysona Raipony. Raikissu swears it's not her doing it, but so far nopony has claimed responsibility.


Troll Raipony's MO consists of, in various situations, showing up and calling everyone fat. Especially Surprise and her author Will (like this). The target generally submits an image response showing their character's reaction to the claim; the character is generally offended, but moderators should treat the meme with tongue firmly in cheek.


This WikiEdit

In a piece of amusingly meta humour, a user named Troll-Raipony, later verified as the actual Troll Raipony, edited the Frigid Drift article, simply to add the word 'fat' into Frigid's description. This was soon reverted, but not before Frigid Drift posted a blog update showing her disapproval.

Troll Raiponyis congratulated on their wit and originality, and also risks being sent to the moon if they try that again.

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