Treue's Studio
Treue's studio icon
Treue's Studio tumblr
Owner [Black Aperture Images]
Blog type Draw
Status Active
Date Created May 29th, 2013
Main Character(s) Investigator Treue

Treue's Studio is a secondary draw blog by Black Aperture Images. The Blog is art-based and used as a portfolio by Investigator Treue. It features inventions, armor, and (of course) explosives of numerous varieties. The  Studio is sumbission-oriented and is designed to allow other tumblr users to submit their invention ideas.


Automail-Pegasus WingEdit

A machanical prostetic wing Treue created for Lieutenant Frostwing. Upon inspecting Frostwing's original design, Treue made multiple adjustments. While Frost wing had attempted to use power to use his wing, Treue's is designed to react to the nervous system, it is designed to glide rather then to force the user up. The wing is still only a design to which the actual operation has yet to take place.

Current user(s): Lieutenant Frostwing

Cellular Disruption DiskEdit

A small disk that was based off of the Dalek's 'Reality Bomb. However, instead of destorying the cell's electric bonding, this disk simply shakes it up a bit, focusing the target back into there original dimension.

[Mark I]: The disk is still in development and has its limits. It transmutes Tectonic energy into static energy and sends out a shock wave to disrupt the Cellular bonding. However, the energy is only powerful enough to effect electricity; so it can only act as a temporary E.M.P. It has a 30-foot radius, to which a short charge can last for about 5 minutes, while a longer one can last up to an hour.

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