ToxicLight Roleplays
ToxicLightRoleplays tumblr
Owner Does not have a mod blog.
Blog type Roleplay
Status Ongoing but getting no messages.
Date Created Cannot remember.
Main Character(s) ToxicLight.

ToxicLightRoleplays is a fairly old blog but rarely gets anyone to roleplay with him. The people he gets most often would have to be the people who wish to roleplay in one word long posts. He has already received hatemail for denying someone like that and it was askraincloudpony.

Toxic's mod info.

Age : To be announced.

Gender : Male

Sexuallity : Homosexual

Receiver or giver : Receiver

Personality : Varies

Thats all that has been released. Toxic's mod wishes to expand his blog and become one of the more well known roleplay blogs. He's seen a few of the ones he hates with a passion and they are more popular and a younger blog then his is. He finds it absolutely ridiculious.

-Need to extend-

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