Tiffany is a human originally from the human world(pokemon) but she was turned into an Earth pony. She's not really bothered by it and has found love.

She is part of a powerful human clan called the Ryu Clan but she doesn't know a lot about it other than that they all have a mysterious item called Gears. She has one as well but she doesn't bring it out that much.


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Her gear allows her to heal other ponies and humans at the cost of her own energy. She can also make shields.

Because of a spell circle burned into her back, she can summon giant hammers to hit idiot/lustful/possessed ponies with to knock them back into their normal selfs.


Sithmane (Husband, added soon)

Toby (Son)

Nightsong (Daughter)

Shywriter (Daughter)

Ari (Son)



Her human form.

Th Risa

Her pokemon form.

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