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About This BlogEdit

This is an rp blog created by Andrick in September, it will usally do nsfw or sfw but is willing to do any kind of rp you wish!

Colt Hood Edit

Thunder was a pegasus who lived in Cloudsdale, he lived with his mom and dad for about ten years, he had alot if fun with them until they were murdered by an unknown criminal, he later lived alone but was adopted later.


After Thunder earned his cutie mark he went to flight school, he learned how to move clouds and how to work with them,  he passed and went on to look for a job, he didn't find one, and he signed up for the Luna Republic, he got in and he went in to about ten misson before retiring, but sneaking his pistol and combat knife with him.

His JobEdit

Later when he was looking for a job he found the weather factory, he saw that the cloud portion was still open and he signed up for it, he got the job and he is now a leader of the cloud portion.

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