Thunder-art is an art blog (obviously)  created by the not so talented artist, Thunderpon, that started originally as an ask blog, but when the moderator realized that an askblog wasn't suitable for his OC, he decided to only post artworks, however, he kept the OC, Thunder , as the face of the blog, instead of using a ponysona.

icon of the blog

Before TumblrEdit

Thunder was created way before the mod even bought a drawing tablet, he used to wander around Ibrony, where he made acquaintances like DittoPrize, Shadow Sorrow and Blue Lash, now the mod of Ugly Pony, this and many other wonderful persons are the ones who got the mod into Tumblr and so, into drawing.

old deign of Thunder, known as Thunder Strike back then, lineart done as a request by PinkieInPrivate, colored by the Thunderpon

Other BlogsEdit

As much as the mod likes to draw dedicated pieces of art (or at least try) he also likes to intercat with his followers, but as that didnt seemed to work out for him, he created a new mod blog, Thundermod, where he'd answer any doubt about his main blog, however, as that didnt worked out either, he recently created a new Ask Blog, showing his love for both MLP and anime, he created, Ask Otaku Trixie, a blog in development, wich is yet to start working.

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