Crimson and Rapid

The twins first colour sceme

The Twins, Crimson Star and Rapid Twister, are the foals of Strabeena Creme Milkshakes and Count Twilight Pie. They are still young and don't have their cutie marks. When they were around the age of four their father killed himself in front of their mother. From then on the twins lives have been out of the ordinary. Crimson starting seeing souls of ponies, including her fathers. Every night and day souls of passed ponies would come and talk to her. Rapids right eye went red and he got night terrors from horrible ponies that have passed on. He couldnt sleep and he relized he saw the evil souls while his sister saw the good souls.

Crimsons new colour sceme

After a while the twins wanted to find out what their abilites were so they went off to travel Equestria, to find what their abilities are!

Rapids new colour sceme

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