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The main layout of TheEvaFreak's page, along with a picture of his pony.

The Rantings of TheEvaFreak is a blog mainly just random posts from the owner TheEvaFreak. He does accept submissions and asks. While it may not seem like it but he does RP's with almost anyone who will start one.


The OC that TheEvaFreak uses is a mare that was created in the Pony Creator by GeneralZoi, though she doesn't has a definite name, she will go by Eva (considering that IS a female name). She has a blue, gray body color. Her hair is a blue shade that has a slight red tint (hard to determine the exact color), and has dark red streaks within her mane & tail. Her cutie mark is a pickaxe, this was chosen by TheEvaFreak because of his love for the popular indie game Minecraft . She is an alicorn (has both wings & a horn), she also has two red hoofbands (wristbands) on her front legs, due to the mod's wearing of a Deadmau5 wristband at all times. Her eyes are manly orange, but as the pony maker works the eyes vary in shade.

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