The Laboratory's Assistant
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Owner Makaroni The Pony
Blog type Grimdark, ask, rp, art, story
Status Ongoing, updated as often as questions roll in.
Date Created April, 3, 13
Main Character(s) Jacky-Jack
Supporting Character(s) None so far

 This is a new blog and has a long way to go, so for now I'll tell you a bit about what has been revealed so far.


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I will update as frequently as I possibly can, but due to the fact that this blog only currently has seven followers, it may be awhile before the updates become constant.


Just like my other blog, this will be all done in black and white. But unlike the other blog there is no lineart and everything is all painted. I may also begin doing backgrounds soon.


So far only a few things have been posted, but the basic idea is that the main character, Jacky-Jack, is the assistant of a mad scientist. After having been spliced from two seperate ponies, a Proffessor and a Ballerina (both of which were male despite their looks) he came into being and began doing his work.
Cutie mark 52

Jacky-Jack's cutie mark. (The other side doesn't have one)

 Jacky Jack can also be somewhat emotionless due to his lack of socialization, and strange life. It is also implied that the professor, whom he was created from, can enter his head and speak to him.

The last thing that has occured on this blog as of now (may, 28, 13) was an explosion in the laboratory. It is all up to you to decide where the story goes from here.

Cutie mark 62

The Explosion

Sincerely, Makaroni

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