Autumn Darling

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The Harvest Moon is Always Full is an ask blog about an OC pony named Autumn Darling.

It has been around for a while but has no real followers and has had no questions to date, therefore has not updated very often. Currently a text blog with some pictures from the Pony Creator on Deviantart. Might possibly add drawings later, depending on the mod's mood. The mod does not promise to have the greatest art, but at least decent art at any rate.

Autumn Darling is from Gallopway, a city in Equestria reflective of Earth's Galway, Ireland. She has a large family in the port city and has recently moved to Ponyville, having moved into a rather hobbit-hole like house near the edge of town. She has recently adopted a cardigan welsh corgi puppy whom she has named Duncan.

Autumn Darling's cutie mark is a harvest moon with a simple Celtic spiral. It is a relatively abstract mark, but has meaning. According to Autumn, she sees the beauty and abundance of life all around her and feels a special connection to it, even in the seasons of fall and winter where most ponies see life as quieting down or even being somewhat non-existent for a while.

Autumn enjoys life, first and foremost, no matter what time of year it is. She likes the quiet of Ponyville and the bustle of bigger cities like Canterlot or her own Gallopway. She enjoys cooking, knitting, reading, music, dancing, and gardening. Her current means of making a living in Ponyville, while not explicitly stated in the blog so far, is brewing. She barters with Sweet Apple Acres and other farms for ingredients to make hard cider and honey mead. She will also knit pony socks for anypony who wants a set, just provide the yarn and she'll knit them up in an afternoon or two.

Physically, Autumn is a small draft pony. She is a little bigger than most ponies, but not by much, and she is stockier, making her look a bit chubby compared to most ponies. She also possesses feathered fetlocks, another trademark of draft horses. She has a dark tan, almost roan coat, blue eyes, freckles, and a red mane and tail. She is the pony equivalent of a dark ginger.

A short, sturdy creature, fond of drink and friendship.

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