The Church of Mother Goose is a religion that was created from the Radio Molly Live Tumblr/Twitch stream. One of the main cast members, Jay Lucker, is the "pastor" of the church, and has been trying to get other members of the show, as well as the fans, on board as well.

Members of the Church Edit

Mother Goose - Referred to as "Mother" by the members of the church, Mother Goose is the creator of all things. She is the lord and savior of all who believe, and will protect their eternal souls from damnation. Praise be unto Mother.

The Crooked Man - Mother's right-hand, and the one who single-handedly deals with all traitors of the Church. He, with help from a few of the others, recently stopped a rebellion that originated from inside the Kingdom. He always wears a crooked smile, and is generally a nice person. However, when he spots someone who is against Mother, he shows no mercy.

Jay Lucker - The head pastor, and an advocate for the beauty of the church. He was saved by mother shortly after coming to Equestria, and would do anything to get on her best side, and become fully protected by her for all eternity. He is a main cast-member of Radio Molly Live, and will often attempt to get the others in the stream to join the Church.

Jill - A fighter in Mother's army. She betrayed her own brother, Jack, when he attempted to start a rebellion against Mother, tossing him down their favorite well.

The Rebellion Edit

Not too long ago, there was an uprising inside Mother's walls. Jack, who allied himself with Humpty Dumpty and a handful of others, marched into the castle and demanded that Mother step down as leader.

In that throne room, a battle ensued. Best friends, siblings, and even life partners fought against each other. Many were injured, but in the end, only two deaths occurred.

Humpty Dumpty was tossed from the wall of the Kingdom, falling to his death. Likewise, Jack was pushed into his favorite well, by his sister, Jill. Both are branded as traitors, and died as such. Any and all paraphernalia mentioning either of them as anything other than that is subject to criminal charges and arrests.

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