Windy Adrian Storm
The Box Fort tumblr
Owner Sam Dowler
Blog type Role Play
Status Active
Date Created 6/1/2013
Main Character(s) Windy Storm

The counter-part The box fort

Supporting Character(s) N/A

Appearance, Age, details, locationEdit

Windy Storm, his middle name being Adrian A 24 year old grey pegasus stallion with emerald green eyes, peppermint style hair, and a cutie mark consisting of a storm cloud with a yellow lightning bolt and 3 raindrops falling from the cloud with A few wind gusts pushing it, he lives on the outskirts of  ponyville (where else?) In a average sized home where he, his counterpart, and the box fort reside


He is mostly out flying in the Box fort, named The Cardboard Fortress being made of Cardboard it has the ability of flight through the stallions imagination (Other sites have way different versions but appearance always being the same) But since the counter part accidentally slipped through the barrier of the sites that separate them he has been sitting at home mostly fighting with the version from facebook.

More detailsEdit

Windy is an average sized stallion just having a 3 inch difference than most ponies, his wings seem to be longer than most pegasi his hair is mostly waved and spiked due to the wind blowing it around, he has a habit of trailing off or being bored, he has a strange love for boxes as shown by the box fort


( I havn't made anything up for family...)

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