Stitches is a goat who lives on the outskirts of Ponyville. She has "bad bones" that caused her to undergo a gruesome trasnplant operation. She now has a permanent stitched marking on her left leg. 

Stitches has dedicated her life to studying animal anatomy as well as pony anatomy and the bone structure that serves as the framework for the body. She likes science and specializes in transplantations of body parts, either by making prosthetic limbs or transplanting organs from one doner to the recipient. It is apparent that she went to college, studying anatomy and physiology where she met her best friend Bitch Puddin . As of yet, not much is known of Puddin. Stitches does not lead a steady job as she lives off of the inheritance left by her rich uncle. 

Stitches is laid back, sarcastic, a little narcissistic and crude at times, but she is ultimately a kind hearted goat who does want to help others with her knowledge in medicine. She gets a lot of attention for being a goat, but fits in well with the other goats of tumblrpon. She greatly admires Stripey

Name: Stitches (the goat) 

Age: 24 

Race: Goat

Gender: Female

Height: Average

Weight: Average 

Birthday: June 7th

Place of birth: Unknown (although her first joke was that she was birthed by the end of a rainbow) 
Pastel goth goat

"No I'm not jealous. I just fucking hate you" Stitches enjoys pastel goth. As she is a pastel goat.


fan art by

Faith sketch blah

"They have too much faith."

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