The three main characters. (Left to right is Twillershy, Splashie Pie, and Zap Apple.)


Splashie and Crew is an ask draw blog run by SplashieMod, otherwise known as Dani. It is in an alternate world where Rarity and Pinkie Pie, Twilight and Flutterfhy, and Applejack and Rainbow Dash each got married and had a child through magic, using a post done by askfluttershyandpinkiepie to explain how. The foals, the three main characters of the blog, have characteristics and appearances similar to each pair. Though at once it had a relatively clear purpose and storyline, it kinda got derailed by the lazy mod.

Mod Blog:


  • Splashie Pie: The main character of the blog, and second youngest. She is relatively easy going, but is prone to outbursts when sugar is mentioned. Her mane is styled in slight curls so as to look refined but fun. Oddly enough, she has no relation to Rainbow Dash, despite her rainbow hued mane. Her look was inspired by an image done by, where Rainbow Dash had been "attacked" by Rarity, leaving her with a curly styled mane.
  • Twillershy: Twillershy is the oldest of the trio, as Twilight tried the spell first. She is very shy and has few friends outside of Zap Apple, Splashie Pie, and the mane six, but is very outgoing when around ponies she trusts. In one crossover, she is seen talking to Dusk Shine of ask-rule63ponies with ease. It is not shown yet how skilled she is in magic, but it has been revealed that she loves animals as much as Fluttershy.
  • Zap Apple: Zap Apple is the youngest, and the most daring. She is akin to Scootaloo in nature, but more closely resembles her parents than the others. She has mentioned owning a scooter, and that she enjoys riding it around Sweet Apple Acres. She has been shown apple bucking, and also has a more sensitive side. She doesn't have as developed of a personality as the others, but let's just blame the lazy mod for that

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