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Spindy Floss

Ask Spindy FlossEdit

Ask Spindy Floss is an art/roleplay blog, mainly revolvng around a perky young pegasus who makes conversation while selling cotton candy.

Ask Spindy Floss


February 28, 2012



Primary Character

Spindy Floss

Secondary Character(s)

Cyan Hooves

Teflon "Teffy" Floss, Spindy's younger sister (later on though!)

Character Type

Original Character






About SpindyEdit

Spindy Floss (born Spinthia Luanne Floss) is a pegasus pony who makes a living selling her homemade cotton candy in Ponyville.

She resides in an apartment a few doors down from Sugarcube Corner with her ex coltfriend and close friend Cyan Hooves.

Some of her hobbies are gaming (which she mentions numerous times in her blog, her favorites being Legend of Celestia and World of Warhorse), sewing, flying, cooking, and reading clopfictions.

Cutie MarkEdit

Spindy's cutie mark is a pink cotton candy cone. Her "special talent" is making a huge number of cotton candy in a small amount of time.

When Spindy was a filly, she came across an old cotton candy machine, and toyed with it. In result, she made a huge cotton candy mess, taking up a small fraction of the marketplace. Innocent bystanders felt sorry for the filly, buying the mess off of her to help clean up. When she had gotten rid of the last glob of off, she discovered her cutie mark on her flank. She's been making and selling cotton candy ever since.


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Spindy comes off as perky and optimistic. She's passionate about everything she does. Now, if only she had felt that way about her school work..

When the topic of her family comes up, all of that optimism goes away for a while, though.


  • The Floss Family

Spindy was the black sheep of her family.

Her father Nylon Floss, an Earth pony, was a dentist, who denied her as a foal because she was such a bright shade of pink. Her mother Menthol Floss, who was a pegasus, was his receptionist. Often times, Spindy was sent to live with her grandparents, who were morticians. Spindy will sometimes snap because of her family drama.

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Cyan Hooves

Cyan Hooves (no relation to Derpy Hooves!) is Spindy's closest friend and the captain of the Shadowbolts. He took her in during their high chool years, and is often seen gaming with Spindy in the ask blog. They briefly dated for several years, having broken up because of Shadowbolt duty, college, and being that their fights were interfering with the bond they had. However the two continue to be roommates and best friends.

Cotton CandyEdit

Spindy Floss runs her own stand, making cotton candy in every flavor imagnable. It is still yet to be revealed how she does it, but a rumor goes around that she has a partner. This will be revealed later on in the blog, probably as a story arc.

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