Spike and Friends
Spike and Friends tumblr
Owner SpikeandFriends
Blog type Ask
Status Active
Main Character(s) Spike
Supporting Character(s) Twilight Sparkle, Fluttershy

Spike and Friends (Sometimes shorten as SpikeandFriends), is an ask blog created in late 2011. While at first going for a "so bad its funny" approach, after a few weeks the blogs tone quickly shifted to focus on its darkish humour and the art was updated.

The world of the blog is an exaggerated dark version of the original, in which all of the ponies are insane. Spike plays the straight man to literally all those around him; the abuse explaining his broken spirit and shaken cowardly apperance. Spikes design is also older than that of the original and notabley has the spines on his tail absent.

Whilst primaraly a sfw blog, the basis of the humour is through a twisted version of the characters; most notabley Spikes questionable role as "assistant". Other examples would be Fluttershys obsessive portrayal coming from her line "I looove baby dragons!" in the first episode. He is prominently shown to be constantly abused, enslaved, and especially harassed flirtatiously by many of the main pony characters.

The creator responsed to an ask, describing the supporting cast as:

Twilight Sparkle: Biopolar psychopath who gets off on being in control over Spike

Fluttershy: Obsessive stalker whose love for baby dragons has twisted her entire life

Applejack: Mind broken after farming so many apples, now that’s all she can think about

Rarity: So obsessed with beauty that she views all others as ugly and below herself. Sees Spike as just an extremely ugly Pony

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