Stalliongrad Times Issue 1

Issue One of the Stalliongrad Times.

Soviet Pony Asks You is a reverse ask blog run by CDRW.

Soviet Pony is a junior journalist who has been sent to Ponyville to oversee the inception of the Ponyville branch of the Stalliongrad Times. Being a journalist, he has many questions for the famous ponies from Ponyville and the surrounding areas, but for some reason, those ponies usually won't respond to his requests for an exclusive interview. But Soviet Pony has other sources.

There are two primary types of posts on Soviet Pony Asks You, Question Posts and Stalliongrad Times Issues. The question posts take the form of a coloring page with various questions written on it. Other tumblr users send in answers to those questions, either as themselves or anonymously, and Soviet Pony uses them in the main article of the next Issue.

Other types of posts that sometimes appear can be posted by either Soviet Pony or other tumblr-ites. Some things that can appear are advertisements, letters to the editor, and columns written by guest authors.

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