Some Minecrafting Rainbow Dash
Some Minecrafting Rainbow Dash tumblr
Owner tmntrocksm
Blog type Ask Blog


Status Hiatus
Date Created January 12th, 2014
Main Character(s) Rainbow Dash
Supporting Character(s) Steve

 Some Minecrafter Dashie is a crossover between the game of Minecraft and MLP FiM where Rainbow Dash is stuck in the world of Minecraft where everything is pixelated and creatures spawn at night. Rainbow Dash finds herself in a plain biome with no memory of how she got there and even worse she is speaking a new language. 

Rainbow DashEdit

The Minecrafting Rainbow Dash has the same behavior and looks as the Rainbow Dash of MLP FiM. This Rainbow Dash though can not fly even though she is a pegasus.

Tumblr n1ufc0d1hE1tnvnrdo6 r1 500

Heart necklace

She is also seen to have a green necklace with red hearts on it which it is mentioned to  show how much life she has left.

Also, she has a grey bracelet which has not been mentioned to do anything yet. Rainbow Dash is also seen with a green glint around the pupils of her eye. 


Green glint in eye

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