The Story of Snare centers around a pegasi rejected from society in ponyville as a whole due to his rather unappealing looks and cutie mark. His parents being dead, and having no sort of friends, he sets out into the EverFree looking for refuge, in which he comes across an abandoned cabin well away from any sort of equine life. From there on he plants crops, repairs the cabin, and makes the surrounding area fitting for his new home. Months and possibly years go by, as things begin to take a turn for the worst as the crops begin to die off, his sanity begins to deplete, and he finds out he is a literal ticking time bomb as a demon, who has possesed him by birth begins to interfere with his already dwindling sanity.

Snare RedLight (BloodSnare)
Snare RedLight (BloodSnare) tumblr
Snare RedLight, or 'BloodSnare' is a text and audio based story blog centered around recordings of a long forgotten pegasi. The recordings mainly consist of Snare going over what he did that very day, or a disturbing
Snare ResLight

A drawing of his upper body.

incounter with something out of the ordinary or morally degrading. It is noted that with each and every post, Snare seems a bit more off as insanity begins to grip at the basis of his mind.

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