Sherlock Hooves is the ponified version of Sherlock Holmes (No Sh*t), based off the BBC series "Sherlock." The ask tumblr takes place after the end of the second series.


his thinking, bored and pissed all at once.

All you need to knowEdit

After Moriarty's demise and faking his death, Sherlock went into hiding. Unable to go back to his old life with Watson and the few "friends" he had, he somehow smuggled himself into Equestria in order to lay low for a while. His boredom, of course, gets the better of him and decided to set up shop there. This did not go unnoticed by Moriarty's former lieutenants who still seem to be in operation even though Moriarty's death should have spelled the end to his giant web of international crime (which baffles even Sherlock). But Sherlock doesn't care, all he wants is a case and if that means putting his life in danger, well, it's not the first time he has done that. Although, without Watson by his side to keep him in check he can be more of a dick than usual (if that's even possible).

The ArtistEdit

Just a lazy guy who looked at the pony tumblrs and thought that there wasn't enough Sherlock in it. Started drawing for the first time in his life in January, 2012; found it fun, relaxing, but still can't decide if buying a tablet would even be worth it since his cheap and doesn't know if his any good at drawing.

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