Sexy Spitfire
Spitfire portrait 3-2013
Sexy Spitfire tumblr
Owner PluckyNinja :: (Mod Blog)
Status Active
Date Created April 2, 2012
Main Character(s) Spitfire
Supporting Character(s) Soarin, Rainbow Dash, Wonderbolts, Nightshade, Shadowbolts

Sexy Spitfire (aka "Ask Spitfire") is a drawn tumblr featuring Spitfire, Captain of the Wonderbolts, where Spitfire answers user-submitted questions. The blog runs with the idea that Spitfire, in addition to being the Wonderbolts' team leader is also their poster girl, and thus many of the entries feature pinup-style drawings of her. The subject matter generally focuses on Spitfire's life as a celebrity, her career with the Wonderbolts, and her personal life.

Following an attempted kidnapping of Rainbow Dash at the Wonderbolt Academy by the Shadowbolts, Dash moved in with Spitfire for protection and is now part of the main cast. Spitfire also has a complicated relationship with Soarin (also a recurring character), made more complicated by her new room mate.


  • Round, supple and very attractive.

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