Sexxi-bbz was an OC blog run from March 6, 2012 to September 17, 2015.

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Though, the blog is still up, for the friends who want to take a look back. Every now and then 'Bbz' will still make a post, reblogging fanart someone made for him, or letting people know his current projects. (Though, some posts he's made during the time he was 'dead' he deleted a couple weeks after.)

Sexxi-Bbz wasn't an official or professional ask blog, despite what some may think. He was always open for questions though, and a main part of his blog was answering people in MS Paint drawings. But, he used the blog for personal usage as well. It was an ambiguous type of roleplay. The mod would make text posts, telling a story that happened to him during the day, or his personal opinion on something. When other users would reply to these posts, he would reply back in character, occasionally with a drawing.

His comedy wasn't based on the outrageous or silly drawings alone. He had a genuinely fun time answering and talking to people. He wouldn't always reply to asks with drawings. But his view and perspective on things could be funny and exaggerated. The character wasn't especially bright, and he was often flirtatious (though, acting incredibly silly and oblivious when any affections were made towards him.) He did have moments of sincerity when necessary, and showed at times that he was probably smarter than he wanted people to think or that people expected. For the most part though, he was a friend. Willing to talk to anyone who sent him a message, no matter how outrageous or confusing. Which on his part, maybe wasn't the best idea. He could get easily annoyed if people knew his weak points (dislike of memes, trying to roleplay when declined, etc.) But, that didn't stop him (most of the time) as he still openly replied to any messages he received, whether he liked them or not.

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