Sergio the Masseuse
Soon after his magic fingers dance across your small equine back, you will feel like you've been violated. Especially if your a pegasus
Sergio the Masseuse tumblr
Status Inactive
Main Character(s) Sergio

Sergio is an unfathomable monster of a blog that should have never been created in the first place. This abomination among Equiniity is known as Sergio, a humanoid bioweapon capable of destruction on a galactic scale. He is also an incredibly talented masseuse, and he uses the prospect of his 'magic fingers' to lure ponies in. However when they realize his intent, it is FAR TOO LATE!

Sergio is presumed to be based off the 'Hispanic' Earth Humans of My Little Human, and as such he is fluent in the language of 'Spanish, English' and somehow has a complete understanding of Equestrian. It is unknown at this time whether or not he is dangerous, but ponies that have encountered him have reported an 'absolutely breath taking massage, where his delicate fingers dance across their backs and loosens every muscle.'

That is until, he takes it far too seriously. Many ponies who have faced this kind of psychological terror have come out changed, scarred ponies, unable to look at another spa ever again without believing Sergio is lurking in the shadows with gratuitious amounts of skin care products, and the absolutely sick desire to constantly just RUB them.

Needless to say a terror of this magnitude must be stopped.

Fortunately, the brave Arctic Force Ponies, collaborating with the Equestrian Guard and the Royal Guard, have made it their mission to track down and eliminate Sergio. However they need YOUR help as loyal citizens of Equestria to stop this monster.

You will know if you have encountered Sergio if

  • You hear Mariachi music from absolutely nowhere, it follows him around no matter what.
  • Your eyes gaze upon a hispanic male who is not only long, tan, and handsome, but his flowing locks of hair will allow him to fly as well.
  • His voice will cause nearby ponies to become weak in the knees, and is known to cause spontaneous arousal. Especially prominent among females.
  • You hear 'Magic fingers' being thrown around a lot.
  • You hear of Spitfire, the resident Wonderbolt fleeing in terror for an unexplained reason. (Sergio has an insanely disturbing fascination with the mare)

If any of these five things apply, do not hesitate to call the local Guardspony, if there are no Guardsponies around, contact your local Arctic Force outpost. Professionals will arrive on the scene and deal with Sergio using uncompromisingly brutal amounts of lethal force.

Remember, only YOU can prevent this masseuse from ruining any more lives.

Skin Care

These are Sergio's favorite skin care products, if you find any of these in your immediate proximity, call a Guardspony and flee the area.

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