Scootaloo 009
Scootaloo 009 tumblr
Owner Scootaloo-009
Blog type Story
Status Active
Date Created July 9th, 2012
Main Character(s) Scootaloo - 009
Supporting Character(s) Twilight Sparkle - 001

Rainbow Dash - 002
Fluttershy - 003
Rarity - 004
Applejack - 005
Pinkie Pie - 006
Sweetie Bell e- 007
Apple Bloom - 008
Spike - Dr. Gilmore

Connected With Pinkie Palace

Touch of Diamonds
Apple Barn
Robot Warehouse

Scootaloo and the others were normal, happy ponies, but one by one they were brought into the zero-zero-project. An experiment comissioned by the Sun Princess to create cyborg soldiers she could use to control the populous and expand her control to other lands. However they still had their minds and they rebelled. Eventually, with the help of the dragon Spike, who taught himself cybernetics, they escaped the laboratory and are currently in hiding. They are still being hunted and are not viewed as worth the effort to capture alive.

Each pony was given a number based on their order of completion. Some were injured beyond the ability of normal medicine, and were secretly brought into the project after being declared dead. They each have unique powers and abilities, though some were prototyped in earlier models. All cyborgs, except 001, are slightly bullet-proof against low calibers, and can lift twice their body weight.

001- Was created outside the zero-zero-project and was used as a template for the rest. No cybernatic powers, but has unnaturally high magic generation.

002- Was injured in a crash landing. Rear legs replaced by rocket thrusters. Can refine oils in what she eats into fuel. Has a prototype accelleration drive allowing for speeds up to Mach 5, but this causes stress that exceeds her body's design limit.

003- Was kidnapped during the 002, 004 capture. Has enhanced vision (10x zoom) and hearing as well as a more powerfull internal radio. Can see outside the normal visual spectrum but does not have her own light source to produce those forms of light. Has limited control over wild animals.

004- Was fatally injured in a fall. Entire body replaced. Minigun foreleg, retractable blade in other forleg, micro-rocket launcher in rear leg, mini-nuke in chest.

005- Volunteered for project. Super strength (1000x normal), bullet-proof, blast resistant synthetic skin, limited bibedal movement.

006- Minor burns and concussion. Oral mounted flamethrower (2500°F, 1371°C), heatproof synthetic skin (3000°F, 1648°C), forehooves deform into shovels for digging, in conjunction with using fire to melt rocks and other solids. Has some precognitive abilities.

007- Discovered too close to laboratory. Using magic and a flexible internal structure, she can shapeshift into almost anything she can think of, though she is limited in size which cannot exceed three times her normal size.

008- Drowned. Artificial lungs can filter useable oxygen out of fresh and salt water. This oxygen can be shared with others. Can emit a weak electrical pulse to stun.

009- Volunteered for project. Has accelleration drive allowing for speeds up to Mach 12, which exceeds her body's design limit. It has a physical block, limiting the speed to Mach 10 which is her designed limit.

The story is based primarily on the anime/manga Cyborg 009. Some powers were modifed to fit the Equestria body type and universe.

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