Raini and Sapphire are two mares living together in an apartment in Western Canterlot. Raini is a zoologist at the locak zoo, her cutie mark being a brown paw while Sapphire is a professional singer/songwriter, NOT to be confused with Sapphire Shores, with a music not and overlapping pencil as a cutie mark.

They live together and do silly things.

What is known about their past:

Sapphire was abandoned as a small foal by her parents and lived on her own on the streets. She was frequently at Raini's house after meeting her in Magic Kindergarden and calls Raini's mom "Mom" also.

Raini has severe scoliosis, and will soon be undergoing a very serious surgery, much to her fear.

This takes place 100 years after where the My Little Pony show is. Celestia and Luna weere found out to be frauds after scientists discovered that the sun and moon move on their own. They disappeared and the mane six went pretty crazy after that. Now they are a tale told to foals.

The owner of the blog is considering incorporating Supernatural into it, perhaps them being thrown into the pony universe for a while.

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