Meanie Belle fight
Meanie Bot and Scoota-Bot show us how it's done.
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Robots are a common trope of the fandom ponyverse, likely a result of the parody videos Friendship is Witchcraft, in which Sweetie Belle is suggested to be robot. (See episode, Neigh Sould Sister)

Many robot versions of other ponies have been created since, particularily the other two CMC members.

While the so called "Sweetie Bot" is oblivious of her own robot-ness and visually appears to be a normal pony, most fandom robots will be aware of their mechanical situation, and have the appearance of a robot. They will, however, share a mechanical voice and similar name (I.E. AppleBloomBot)

Robots will usually appear in Tumblrpon permantly as the mane characters of their own blogs, but sometimes a normal character will have a quick appearance as a robot.

While gratituous robot fights and mechanical gags are common, the Robot trope is often used as a way to examine existentialism and acceptance.

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