Regal masquerade, Charming Shadow, and their friends
[ Regal Masquerade and Charming Shadow tumblr]
Owner Jack Erikson
Blog type SFW/NSFW RP blog
Status Active
Date Created June 19, 2013
Main Character(s) Regal Masquerade

Charming Shadow jack (modpony) blaze Striker Starlight

 Regal Charming and friends is a SFW/NSFW RP/ blog that Joined on the 19th of june in 2013. The blog Fetures 6 OC's, Regal Masquerade, Starlight, Jack, Striker, blaze, and Charming Shadow. The blog originally started out as unicorn-regal-masquerade with the OC of Regal masquerade, but charming shadow was added as a second OC as a thanks for 25 followers causing the blog to be re-named regalmasqueradeandcharmingshadow. Regal is the legandary singing unicorn of equestria that has been known to many as a true masquerade. Charming Shadow is the Armor maker for the Royal Guard. Starlight is the daughter of alicorn regal. Sometime in late 2013, the blog was changed to regal-charming-and-friends since starlight was now part of the blog. in march or april of 2014, Jack the mod pony was added to the blog. As a surprise for the followers one day in april 2014, Blaze was added. When the blog reached 350 followers, Striker was added.

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