Rarity Answers
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Rarity Answers tumblr
Owner Moonis
Status Inactive
Date Created July 2011
Main Character(s) Rarity
Supporting Character(s) Sweetie Belle

Rarity Answers is a long running draw blog that focuses on a canonical approach of Rarity. It was one of the first Rarity ask blogs and started in early July of 2011.

Blog DescriptionEdit

Hello there, I am Rarity. I see a lot of ponies around here are interested in my fabulous lifestyle, and I am never one to give up an opportunity to help them out. It's never easy being beautiful. Go ahead and ask me anything you please, especially my opinion on that tacky shirt you're wearing, darling.

Blog HistoryEdit

In the early days of Tumblrpon, Rarity Answers was updated quite frequently. The blog was one of the first two cannon Rarity draw blogs, the other being Rarity Replies. Though never reaching the immense popularity of today's tumblrpon celebrities (+2000 followers), Rarity Answers has been a very influential and popular blog amongst long time tumblrponies, and has been the initial inspiration for many of today's tumblrverse denizens. While the blog is still somewhat active, unfortunately the updates have slowed significantly, and it has been stated by the mod that she intends to focus on other personal projects and the blog will only be updated on occasion.

Blog ContentEdit

Rarity Answers mainly answers questions in a fashion closest to canon Rarity, but has been known to often answer in a comedic way. Sweetie Belle has made frequent appearances in the past, sometimes to answer questions in place of Rarity. Rarity Answers went through a period of Discordedness during the Discord Days and made several story arc posts involving Sweetie Belle attempting to separate Rarity from Tom and cure Rarity of her greed. She interacted with the popular Ask Blueblood blog fairly often before the mod closed it. The blog has somewhat occasional OOC posts, but do not interrupt the general content. The art style varies from detailed answers to quickly drawn posts. The mod has made mention of her laziness and at one point humorously draws a response in MS Paint as quickly as possible to illustrate.


Rarity Answers first post.

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