Raindrops Answers
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Raindrops Answers tumblr
Blog type Ask
Status On hiatus
Main Character(s) Raindrops

Raindrops Answers is an utterly adorable ask blog based almost entirely on the fully-drawn (and occassionally animated) answers of the titular character Raindrops to users' questions.

Raindrops is a kind, caring pegasus who at one point was completely in love with Colgate. Unfortunately the target of her affections was already in a firm relationship, and was unable to abandon her family for Raindrops. This caused the yellow pegasus to termporarily become discorded, turning grey and losing her happy demeanour.

She got better, though!

Bodypillow controversyEdit

After Why485 sketched up a Raindrops body pillow , this was drawn. Raindrops herself was unimpressed. It is currently unknown how many members of the various Tumblrverses have bought one in secret.

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