The first post that launched Rainbow Dash

The Rainbow Dash chubbie is a viral Pony Tumblr meme. It consists of pony art blogs doing an update where the chubbie is seen flying in background or foreground, usually from right to left, leaving a rainbow trail.


The RD chubbie meme started with two posts ( post 1 and 2 ) on the chubbie blog, consisting of Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie setting up to do one of Dash's tricks, using Pinkie's party canon. After receiving a reluctant anon message about the stunt, Dash ignores it and shoots into the sky.

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Thanks to Ask Princess Molestia the meme was picked up

Things might have ended there, but then the idea was picked up by Princess Molestia. Soon after, the Dashie blob was seen flying across dozens of pony blogs.


Probably the most if the best contribution to the blob mem, ever. Created by CaptainHoers using flash animation, he produced a parody video of the original BrodyQuest called "BwobbyQuest".



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