Rainbow Blaze
I AM the son of Dash and Blitz


Rainbow Blaze


Blaze, Blazy, Wimp


teen (16)




Rainbow Blaze is a kid of Rainbow Dash and Rainbow Blitz. He has many same qualities as both but seems to be like Blitz the most. As he has the same body and mane. They things that make him not like Blitz is that he has eyebrows that dont do the lighting bolt like look, he has a scar on his left cheek, and he has a jacket on most of the time.


He seems to not have ANY qualities in personality that his mom or dad has and seems to live his own way. He tends to cry a bit when he is scared or sad unlike Blitz or Dash who hide it. He also is real friendly and tries to love every pony but ends up hurting them without meaning to do so. He seems to think of him self as being an outcast, a failure, and a hated pony.


Blaze has had a troubled past from being made fun of all the way to almost being killed many times. For about 7 years he had a normal life of a colt. Once he was 9 years old it all went downhill he lost a close friend, another pony almost killed him many times, and he even tryed to run away from home at 14. He lived with him mom tell one day he found his dad and after that he has lived with Blitz. He still goes to see his mom once and a while.


Blaze has had a few friends but most of them have left him or don't see him any more. The ones who still see him are friends he never lost even after all that has happend.

  • Spectra Pain
  • Teen Bubble Berry
  • Skateroo

He used to have a pet fish, name unknown, and now has a Pot Belly Pig named Mr. Pig.

He has made a lot of enemies at the same time, most of which were past friends.

  • Skateroo
  • Scootaloo
  • Discorded Whooves
  • Rainbow Blitz (at times)

He has a good sized family though most of them are gone at times.

  • Rainbow Dash (mom)
  • Rainbow Blitz (dad)
  • Ragtag (sis)
  • Skateroo (adopted brother)
  • Aurora (sis)


His story seems to be one of happiniss follwed by tragic events witch scar him for life

  • Made fun of in school
  • Skater cut him making him have a scar on his cheek
  • Had to get a jacket to hide himself if something happens he doesn't like.
  • Had a ok colt life untill age 9.
  • Blitz seems to think of him as being a bad son but loves him and doesn't like to see him be hurt or have anything bad happen to him.
  • Dash loved and cared for him most of his life.

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