RainbowFreakinDash is an askblog owned and run by ScherzicScrawlings.

As its title suggests, it's character of choice is Rainbow Dash, and is drawn in a style reminiscent but not precisely mimicking the shows own styling. The blogs lore is largely canon with the show, with a few extra fanon and headcanon pieces thrown in here and there.

Multiple times the blog has referenced or collaborated with the mod of ApplejackAsks, to the point where in terms of canonicity, the Rainbow Dash of RainbowFreakinDash is considered to be engaged in a relationship with the Applejack of ApplejackAsks.

The moderator behind the blog takes a generally lighthearted approach towards updates, usually answering one or two questions per update in a comedic fashion, referencing known internet memes from time to time as well as unexpectedly generating a few of their own (see image). The "WHAT." face has been picked up by a number of blogs from time to time, much to the amusement of the original author.

April Foal's Day 2012Edit

The artist returned for a bit on April 1st, 2012 as a gender swap of Rainbow Dash, "Rainbow Blitz" (as well as the ask blog being renamed "rainbowfreakinblitz", along with a short avatar change), only responding to questions in text form, as well as drawing Rainbow Blitz himself responding to the real ask blog of Rainbow Blitz (it was only for that question, however).