Question Hatchet 2
Hatchet Icon
"Like Kawaii and Gore? Then this blog is for you!"
Question Hatchet 2 tumblr
Owner Kawaii4eva at DeviantART.
Blog type Drawing, Cute, Scary
Status Active
Date Created 2011
Main Character(s) Little Hatchet aka Hatchet
Supporting Character(s) Pinkamena, Rainbow Blitz

In this universe, Pinkamena and Rainbow Blitz are married and had a Daughter named "Hatchet". Who latter on picked up the killing job from her mother, Pinkamena. The fastest way to explain Hatchet's personality,  would be, that she's a mix of Fluttershy and Applejack. But, push her to the edge, you'll end up being an ingredient for her cupcakes. She doesn't go by her mother's "dreaded" number system. Oh, and the Mod has lost of times on her hands, so don't feel bad for spamming her with questions.

Thank you for reading!

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