My little me alicorn version by silversableye-d4zr9dk

Purple Paint-Brush is an OC alicorn created by SilverSableye.


Purple is the niece of the princess Celestia. Her brother is a pegasu named ThunderBolt Sparkle (he aren't appeared). Your mom is the princess Luna, even if they aren't similar


Her color are purple and her mane and eyes are brown. Her cutie mark is a paint-brush.

In RoyaltyEdit

She is a "not-crowned" princess. She spends her time painting and learning lessons of the magic with your aunt Celestia.

Actually, she spending your time answer questions in your Tumblr.


She have an ex-boyfriend named Eclipse Fullmoon, an ex royal guard. In actually, she ignored a rule and gave him eternal life.

More informationEdit

  1. Name: Purple Paint-Brush, also know "Royal Purple".
  2. She have 700 years old.
  3. Gender: Female
  4. Species: Alicorn
  5. Related(family): ThunderBolt Sparkle, Princess Celestia, Cadance, Luna, Twisted Tail and Eclipse Fullmoon


It was a naughty foal. She have painting statues and the stainted's glasses of castle.

Her childhood had many reprimands because your naughty nature. What prompted his aunt to to teach her about magic and how to use their powers.

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