Pumpkin pie Answers
Pumpkin pie Answers tumblr
Blog type Ask
Status Active
Main Character(s) Pumpkin Pie

Ask Pumpkin Pie is an ask blog about an orange Unicorn who runs a shop just on the outskirts of Ponyville, near the Everfree Forest.

The art done is all done in GIMP using references; the artist never traces. Although his (The mod) art skills aren't too great, they're developing.

The blog focuses around of course, asking her questions, but there's also a slew of other fan images of blogs he enjoys.


A direct quote from the blog:

“Gosh, you gunna have me think about home and make me feel homesick? Oh well, thoughts about dad are unavoidable. Okay here’s the lay down, I’m an only child, my mom died pretty shortly after my birth, that was because there wasn’t any hospitals around, we were REALLY south of Ponyville, way out in the peninsula of Everfree forest (Yeah it’s reach is really far. The pumpkins we grow only grow in Everfree). But anyways, I grew up with dad on the pumpkin farm; I never got to know my mother, but dad says she was rather rough for a gal and had a great sense of honor for the land and it’s inhabitants.”

“My dad is a pretty fun guy, he doesn’t take things too seriously, although that’s not to say he can’t be, because he will. He’s got a lot of knowledge about the Everfree forest because he grew up on the farm we had. Sadly we had to move away from the place, the authorities thought it was unwise for a farm near the forest, despite us living there for quite a long time. I couldn’t stand by, and had to find somewhere else that I could continue the farm. Dad agreed, but he said it was my time to take my own step into the world since I was old enough. He gave me enough money to have contractors build my shop and that’s how I am here today. I don’t know what my dad is up to, last thing he said was he was going to fight for the farm, hope he’s doing okay. I’d head down there but I can’t leave the pumpkins unattended, creatures love to steal them.”[1]


Pumpkin is a girl who loves to play around, she enjoys lots of time outside, or inside making goods from her pumpkins. She has many unlady like attributes which she picked up from her father, such as openly belching. She can also be a pranker, and enjoys teasing her friends.

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