Princess Skyla Replies is an ask blog run by Sam aka Srsishere based on the Hasbro character Princess Skyla. In the blog, Skyla is the daughter of Princess Mi Amore Cadenza and Shining Armor. She is heir to the throne of the Crystal Empire.

About SkylaEdit

Skyla spends most of her time either answering questions, flying around the palace, or hanging out with her father. Skyla and her mother are not very close, as Cadence always seems to be busy with matters of the state. She does, however, spend a lot of quality time with her father. She's definitely a daddy's girl.

Skyla is a very skilled flyer and can fly to hights that even some grown pegasus are unable to attain. Unfortunately, she cannot use magic. Skyla's horn is unable to channel magic from her body to whatever object she is attempting to use magic on.

Skyla has not, as of late, found her cutie mark yet, but a storyline for it is in progress.

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