Princess Cadence Answers
Princess Cadence Answers tumblr
Blog type Ask
Status Inactive (possible)
Date Created April 2012
Main Character(s) Princess Cadence

Princess Cadence Answers is a NSFW ask blog about "The Diamond of Equestria" (also the alternative title): Princess Cadence acting like a mean bossy queen. The vast majority of her content revolves around insulting tumblr users/people/ponies who ask questions, and insulting tumblr users/people/ponies BY asking questions. Ragefaces all round.

Polar opposite of the similarly-spelled Ask Princess Cadence. Don't mix them up.

Interblog LinksEdit

Given the format of the blog, many of the updates involve at least one character from another blog. Among the featured blogs are:


Note that this version of the Cadance character has their name spelled with an e.

Notes Edit

  • The blog is NSFW because it has vulgar in it, followed by blood and gore.

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