Prince Temor
Prince Temor tumblr
Owner Askre
Blog type Ask/Story/Text/partial Image
Status Active
Date Created July 11th, 2016
Main Character(s) Prince Temor
Supporting Character(s) Emerald Shine

Prince Temor is a text blog that also sometimes uploads images to accompany the text, but that is not always the case. Various blog entries will tell the story, readers can send in questions that Prince Temor or his slave Emerald Shine answer, providing possible information about them that hasn't been addressed in blog entries.

Avatar was drawn by Wiggles

The premise Edit

Prince Temor tells the story of a pony who, when around six years old, was sucked back in time by King Sombra during his reign over the Crystal Empire during a temporal experiment.

Sombra ended up adopting the colt and raised it as his own son, naming him Temor (meaning Fear). Temor witnessed the defeat of his adopted father two times, first at the hooves of Princess Celestia and Luna and thousand years later at the hands of Princess Cadance. He's sworn vengeance against Equestria and is now on the run as an enemy along with his personal slave and concubine Emerald Shine.

Characters Edit

Prince Temor Edit

Type: Unicorn

Mane/Tail: Dark Blonde

Coat: Dark Gray

Cutie Mark: A book or tome as he describes it.

About: Adopted son of King Sombra. Being raised by the Crystal Tyrant was not an easy life for the young stallion and it shows in his attitude and disregard for other ponies. He has a tendency to be cruel, arrogant, aloof and doesn't show a lot of his true emotions. He usually lives to seek the approval of his father and hopes to resurrect him if he can't avenge him.

Emerald Shine Edit

Type: Crystal Pony

Mane/tail Light green

Coat: Green

Cutie Mark: Diamond encrusted brush

About: Emerald knew for the longest time only life under the tyranny of King Sombra, she was a slave in the castle and once Prince Temor became of age, was assigned as his personal slave and concubine. She's managed to keep herself sane with some snark, even at the cost of being punished for her attitude. It is unknown currently why she follows Prince Temor, though it is possible she was forced.

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