Pony Prom 2012
Tumblr prom
Pony Prom 2012 tumblr
Date Started March 26th, 2012
Date Ended May 25th, 2012 (set)

The Pony Prom 2012 (or My Little Pony Tumblr Prom 2012, for long) is an (initially blogless) Tumblr event set for May 25th 2012. Ask ponies use each others' ask boxes to invite potential dates, and when the couples have been agreed, they are to draw themselves (and hopefully their date) on the day of the prom. Polite reblogging should then follow.

Although it was started by Blue Bell, with this post, this is a viral event, and until 24th April 2012 was totally decentralized. Blue Bell has since opened a single-purpose blog to host Prom submissions, simply titled Tumblr Pony Prom.

Agreed Prom CouplesEdit

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Currently Single AttendeesEdit

Is your blog on this list? Summon up some courage and ask another of these lovely mares and stallions out. They might just say "yes"...



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A detailed map of the Prom location was posted to the single-purpose blog, along with the information that the event is canonically taking place in Canterlot. Hotels are available for those travelling from further afield; it's suggested that such prom couples could mention their use of the hotel for rest and... recreation.

Prom GalleryEdit

  • Part 1 of 2 for AskBedHead's PonyProm 2012Go to AskBedHead
  • Part 2 of 2 for AskBedhead's PonyProm2012Go to AskBedHead
  • Medical attention's prom attireGo to Ask Medical Attention
  • D-Pad's invitation and Bedhead's answer
  • Whirly's invitation and Discord's answer
  • Sunray Smiles asking Sugar Cloud to prom
  • Werelight's prom dress.

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