The blog that was sh*t
dont click this
Why does this blog exist
Ponies and eye pain tumblr
Owner some idiot who got his hands on a computer
Blog type Mod blog/ask blog/whatever the hell
Status status? what is this facebook?
Date Created I don't know last year? 2011? maybe
Main Character(s) Rarely: Light Blitz Mostly: The mod
Supporting Character(s) My feelings
Connected With I don't have any friends on here I'm lonely

This blog ishas to be THE worst blog of all time- I mean seriously how drunk was I when I made this abomination of a tumblr...

Oh well the main premise of this blog is to express how one guy can love ponies this much (----------) I know its not a lot but still.

This used to be an ask blog but due to lack of skill, questions, and talent became nothing more than a piece of garbage (which it already was by the way trust me). In all honesty this blog cannot get any worse than it already is because it's basically a dumpsite that has nothing to do with anything other than my feeble attempts at itegrating with society (which sucks).

Please never visit this blog as it will probably make you want to go Horse_ebooks up in my sh*t (and nobody wants that)

No seriously how f*cked up was I when I made this horrid excuse for a blog

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