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Pokehidden's igloo is the NSFW art blog for the artist Pokehidden, which he also uses as a mod blog and a news feed for the flash game Banned from Equestria (Daily), which is currently in development. He depicts himself as an inuit with brown hoodies and sunglasses in several mod posts, usually alongside his OC Ponyhidden, which is a brown earthpony that uses a green dirty cape and sunglasses.

Despite being based on NSFW pony art, SFW art and Rule 34 art from other media are common, such as Pokémon drawings. Sometimes animations and flashes are posted as well, mostly leaks from the game, and ocasionally special ones for followers milestones.

Pokehidden also runs an ask blog for his OC Ponyhidden and an ask blog for himself, both which has been inactive for 2-3 months. It's known that Pokehidden suffers from depression, and that he has an official FurAffinity and InkBunny account, even though most of his art is exclusive to Tumblr.

His Tumblr has been removed, and it is unknown where he is now mostly active. This site claims to redirect anyone to where he will be next.

He is also mentioned that he has a SFW blog.

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